Barlock Caribbean Oil Corporation N.V.

Barlock Caribbean Oil Corporation N.V. was established on january 16, 1988 on the island of Aruba. The company started a small operation and offices in the Wilhelmina straat, being the exclusive distributor and selling Shell lubricants to retailers. In 1989 the company established the first gasoline/mini-market service stations on the island at the wayaka/airport location, bringing a revolution and innovation in the way a gasoline service station operated and catered to customers. In 1990 the company established the second gasoline service station on the east end of the island at the entrance of San Nicolas. Subsequently a gasoline service station was established in Seroe Blanco, Tanki Leendert, and in 1998 Sasaki. All 5 service stations operated for years with the brand name Shell. In 1998, after extensive deliberation, Shell decided to cease its operations on the island of Aruba. With determination and innovation, the company negotiated with several other major oil companies in an effort to maintain its presence as a distributor and to supply products through the gasoline service stations.

As of 1998, Barlock Caribbean Oil Corporation N.V., is the official and exclusive distributor of Texaco fuel and lubricants on the island of Aruba, and all gasoline service stations now carry the Texaco brand name and offer Texaco quality products to the community of Aruba. Of these 5 gasoline service stations 4 are operated and/or managed by Kwihi Corporation N.V., a sister company of Barlock Caribbean Oil Corporation N.V., whereas the Seroe Blanco outlet is managed by Gresulene N.V..

Our Plan

Our plan is to expand, based on market needs, and offer more services island wide.

Our Objective

Our objective as a company is to offer high quality products and services at competitive prices, lead an environment friendly business, and drive loyalty among our main stake holders, mainly our customers, our employees, and our investors.













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